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​​​SINPE Service Statistics

In 2012  the amount of payments made through SINPE grew by 11% as compared to 2011, with the main reason for this outcome being an increase in use of services such as transfers to third parties  and debiting in real time. Moreover, money movement services and payments with cards accounted for this growing trend over the past few years. Following is a statistical overview on the evolution of transactions in SINPE services. To this end, services are grouped  according to the following criteria: 
1. Real Time: Transactions are processed and funds are credited and confirmed in real time. This is time spent by technological platforms interacting to automatically accredit or debit an amount into a destination account without the process involving any manual intervention. 
2. Multilateral t+1: Transactions are netted and then liquidated, the following working day after they are sent by SINPE -i.e., in t+1. 
3. Value trading: Transactions processed and liquidated involve public book entry securities.
4. Other services:  Miscellaneous services are offered to support those services under the above categories.

SINPE Service Statistics

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