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​​Cultural Heritage

​Interested in the country’s cultural and archaeological heritage, from 1950 to 1974 the Central Bank of Costa Rica set up a collection of Pre-hispanic gold pieces. Along with this, the Bank promoted the creation of its numismatic collection, and began acquiring national art works. Initially, a public gallery was created in the Bank’s main building, but as the collection expanded it was decided a Museum should be built, exclusively designed to keep these works.

In order to manage more effectively its cultural work, on 10 November 1993, the Foundation to Administer the Central Bank’s Museums (Fundación para Administrar los Museos del Banco Central) was created through Law No. 7363. Ever since, a qualified multi-disciplinary group of professionals diligently work to offer new and varied exhibitions to visitors. Research work, technical publications, activities, workshops, and public concerts are also offered by the Cultural Center, in its permanent pursuit of excellence through education.