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​​​​​​​​Guidelines on the use of images 

​The Banco Central de Costa Rica, using issuing powers granted under Article 44 of its Organic Law (Law No. 7558), and the provisions in the Payment System Regulations (Reglamento del Sistema de Pagos), acting in its capacity as copyright holder of Costa Rica’s currency design -protected under Law No. 6683-  has issued the following criteria to regulate the reproduction, whether in whole or in part, of all images, imitations, and reproductions -both tangible and intangible- of Costa Rican currency, whether it be Legal Tender or demonetized currency. The purpose of these guidelines is to avoid confusion among cash users and to prevent forgery.​

Use of images in currency for educational purposes
Use and public dissemination of the illustrations and images in the design of national currency is authorized, provided that this is clearly for educational or cultural purposes, associated to educational programs launched by the Ministry of Public Education, as well as to activities strictly meant for information or cultural promotion on the features of said national currency.

No previous express authorization from BCCR is required for such reproductions, provided that the following terms, conditions, and requirements are met:

1. Physical or print means of reproduction of any type:

  1. Including the caption "SIN VALOR COMERCIAL" (HOLDS NO COMMERCIAL VALUE) diagonally across the reproduction, using Arial or a similar type of font, with a length of at least 50% and a height of at least 25% of the reproduction or imitation’s size. This caption should be of a dominantly opaque tone of the same color of the denomination being reproduced.

  2. Every reproduction should be of a size at most 200% or at least 50% of the original size. Coin reproductions may be the same size as their original denominations.

  3. It is forbidden to reproduce a banknote or coin on both sides using the same support.

  4. In the case of banknotes, printed designs must be reproduced in a markedly different material from the original substratum in terms of its texture, thickness, consistency, and all other characteristics of substrata used in currency manufacture.

  5. In the case of coins, the physical support of the reproduction may not be metal, alloys or any rigid or semi-rigid material whose characteristics could be mistaken with the appearance, weight, and all other qualities of circulating coins. Reproductions may not have any relief.

  6. Reproduction may not involve adhering or printing any texts or images by any means in original banknotes or coins. Moreover, no logos or other texts alluding to BCCR may be included in such reproductions.

2. Electronic, digital, audiovisual, or other similar means of reproduction:

Total or partial reproduction of currency designs must meet the following conditions:

  1. Including the caption "SIN VALOR COMERCIAL" (HOLDS NO COMMERCIAL VALUE) diagonally across the reproduction, in Arial or a similar type of font, with a length of at least 50% and a height of at least 25% of the reproduction or imitation’s size. Such caption should be of a dominantly opaque tone of the color of the denomination being reproduced.

  2. In TV advertisements, images may be reproduced in their original dimensions.

  3. Resolution of banknotes reproduced (on the Internet, etc.) in their original size may not exceed 72 dpi (dots per inch.)

 In both of the above cases, whoever does the reproductions must commit to destroy, delete, or render the negatives, plates, digital files, and storage devices containing images or reproductions of the design of Costa Rican currency useless, after using iti for any authorized purposes.​​

​Use of currency images for commercial purposes

To use of total or partial reproductions of the images in Costa Rican currency, authorization must be obtained in advance from BCCR’s Treasury Department, and such authorization shall be governed by the following conditions:
  1. All of the requirements and conditions indicated in sections 1 and 2 above, as the case may be, must be fully met.

  2. In no case is the use of images authorized for producing promotional or discount coupons, pamphlets, etc., which might be mistaken for authentic banknotes or coins or other currency elements.

  3. Reproductions may not be used for any means that might foster obscenity, acts of violence or gambling, or degrade the character in the banknote or any other person. Neither may such reproductions be used to advertise photocopying equipment, printers, or scanners.​

​Applications with the Banco Central de Costa Rica​

Written applications to use images of Costa Rican currency must be sent to BCCR’s Treasury Department, including the following as a minimum:
  1. A detailed description of the intended reproductions. This should include at least information on the material, color, size, estimated print run, and graphic art workshop or company that will do the reproductions.

  2. Details on the expected means and/or sphere where it will be disseminated (geographical location or other), and any other relevant data.

  3. Timeframe when the requested reproduction is intended to be used.

  4. A sample of the proposed reproduction in PDF or a similar format.

BCCR will decide on applications within 10 working days upon receiving them. However, BCCR may request additional information within this timeframe if deemed relevant.​ ​

Procedure in cases of unauthorized use

​Without detriment of the provisions under Law No. 6683, any reproduction of any national currency image that is not duly authorized by BCCR, or that does not meet the conditions established in said Law, constitutes a misdemeanor, and will be dealt with as follows:

  1. The Treasury Department of the Central Bank of Costa Rica will send a written warning to the offender, communicating them the offense and asking that they immediately stop using the unauthorized reproduction, without prejudice as to any legal actions necessary to compensate the damages resulting from such wrongful use. In this case, the offender must send an official letter to BCCR stating that they will comply with BCCR’s instructions.

  2. In case BCCR’s instructions were not complied with, the Treasury Department will request through its Legal Advice Department that the corresponding legal actions be taken, in accordance with the Law of Procedures for Enforcement Intellectual Property Rights (Ley de Procedimientos de Observancia de los Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual.)​​

Monitoring and follow-up on other uses of currency

​To ensure an adequate use of currency images, in any of the above cases BCCR reserves the right to immediately suspend use of such images. This is justified, among other aspects, on any unforeseen, potentially adverse effects that BCCR’s public image may be subject to because of the use of cash for other purposes.​​