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Planning is the vital process that enables the Central Bank of Costa Rica to identify priorities, formulate goals, and allocate resources to move forward in achieving institutional objectives. The institutional planning model was updated in 2016, establishing different levels of planning. The strategic planning level contains most important ideas and guidelines that will guide the Central Bank’s actions and policies during the period in which the Institution’s Strategic Plan is in effect. On the other hand, operational planning involves the specification of the goals, initiatives and projects which will allow the Institution to achieve its strategic goals.

Planning makes it possible for the Central Bank to orient its efforts to improve the well-being of the country’s inhabitants by maintaining a low and stable inflation rate and ensuring stability and efficiency of the financial system, thus contributing to macroeconomic stability, and promoting economic growth and the full use of productive resources.


Keep inflation low and stable, maintain a solid international position and, in collaboration with other entities, ensure stability and efficiency of the financial system to contribute to the full use of productive resources and the well-being of Costa Ricans.


To be an ind​ependent, efficient and modern Central Bank, recognized by society for its excellence in the fulfillment of its functions.

2020-2023 Strategic Plan (spanish)​