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Cash-Free Entity 

What is the CFE Program?

The CFE Program – Cash-Free Entity,  is a program designed jointly by the Central Bank of Costa Rica and members of the national financial system to make the best use of electronic services that are available to customers for their collection and payment transactions, helping to reduce risks in the handling of cash and the costs associated with such transactions.

Benefits of being an CFE member

   • Among the principal benefits are: 
  •    • Reducing operational costs by using electronic means to automate and streamline operations.
  •    • Reducing risks in cash handling.
  •    • Providing greater safety in payment transactions.
  •    • Improving control of collections and payments.
  •    • Providing better service and collection and payment alternatives for customers.
  •    • Contributing to the development of the country's payment system.


Interested entities may obtain further information by sending an e-mail to and making all necessary payments to become certified as a Cash-Free Entity.