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National System of Electronic Payments

The National System of  Electronic Payments (SINPE) is a technological platform developed and managed by the Central Bank of Costa Rica, connecting the country’s financial entities and public institutions through a private telecommunication network that allows for electronic cash transfers to be made between so-called "cuentas cliente", as well as to participate in trading markets organized by BCCR through this platform.
This technological platform was launched on 17th of April 1997. It started by providing check compensation and cashing services, thereby streamlining check cashing, since at that time these were such a significant means of money movements.
Other services have been developed since then, to expedite and reduce risks not only for SINPE’s direct members, but also to their clients. Among these services it is worth mentioning: cash transfers to third parties, direct loans, direct debiting, and other services, thereby offering options for cash movements among financial entities.
"SINPE" is a registered trademark owned by the Central Bank of Costa Rica. Use of its logos and images is regulated by a trademark manual (Manual de marca - SINPE​.) Any person or entity wishing to use this trademark must previously ask the Central Bank of Costa Rica for a  written authorization, indicating the reasons and the use they wish and undertake to do of said trademark.
The following image shows the progress of the development of the National Payment System: