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​​Frequently asked questions

What is the regulatory framework and how can I access it?

Rules and regulations regarding SINPE services are included in the Organic Law of the Central Bank of Costa Rica (Ley Orgánica del Banco Central), and in the System of Payment Regulations (Reglamento del Sistema de Pagos)

In the Regulations you may find the articles to support your claim with the financial agency allegedly violating a rule that has affected your interests


Who may file a claim?

Claims may be submitted both by individuals and by juridical persons -whether national or foreign- provided they are duly identified


What entities are subject to a claim?

Claims may involve any entity that has joined SINPE which provides services and has allegedly failed to comply with a procedure.


When can a claim be presented with BCCR’s Claims Service?

Claims must be previously presented in writing to the department the entity in question has established for such matters. A claim my be filed with BCCR if it has been turned down or rejected, or after 45 calendar days of having filed it without it being addressed by the financial entity.


When are claims not admitted by BCCR?

Claims may be turned down in any of the following cases

   • When essential data to process it are omitted 

   • When the 45-day period for presenting it to the corresponding entity has elapsed

   • When the facts of the claim should be heard by administrative, arbitration, or judicial bodies, or if they are the subject of lawsuits in said bodies

   • When a claim reiterates others previously filed.

   • When the periods for taking action or claiming rights have expired.

It should be noted that the Claims Service is not competent to assess any potential damages, nor to issue any orders for indemnification.


How and when may a claim be filed with BCCR?

Claims may be filed by any of the following means:

   • By electronic means: A claim form should be filled out, enclosing all documentation to back it up.

   • In writing: Written claims should include the following:

        • Identification of the interested party - Name, last name, mother maiden’s name, or company name, domicile -for notices-, identification number and representative (if any.)

        • Entity/ies subject of the claim and office/s involved

        • Specific reason for filing the claim

        • Documentation to prove that previous procedures have been complied with the office charged by each entity to address such claims

        • You may go personally to BCCR’s correspondence office, or send your claim by regular mail to BCCR’s Claims Service, Services Division.


How are claims processed with BCCR?

   • A case file is created for each claim.

   • This case file contains the documentation provided by the claimant.

   • If documentation is incomplete, the claimant will be asked to complete it within 10 working days, with a warning that the claim will be turned down should they fail to meet this period of time.

   • Once the claim is complete and deemed valid, the entity involved will have 5 working days to present its arguments.

   •The claim is analyzed once such arguments are received.

The process will be deemed as finished if the entity accepts the claim, or if the claimant voluntarily drops it. The process is completed with a written report from the Claims Service, which in no case may be appealed by administrative means. Should this report be unfavorable for the entity subject to claim, said entity will be compelled to inform the Claims Service whether it has credited the funds within 5 working days since being so notified.​