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Executive Decree No. 9831, Maximum Commissions for the Card System, regulates the commissions charged by service providers for the processing of transactions that use payment devices and the card system, to promote its efficiency and security, and guarantee the lowest possible cost for members. This law delegates to the Central Bank of Costa Rica the responsibility for issuing regulations for the payment card system and overseeing compliance with these regulations in the public interest, while guaranteeing the lowest possible cost for affiliates consistent with the best international practices.

Legal Framework

In keeping with Law No. 9831, the Central Bank of Costa Rica has established Payment Card System Regulations that contain a series of technical, operational and commercial requirements for operation of the payment card system, which you can consult in this page.

   • Card Regulations  (spanish)

   • Complementary Standard of the Payment Card System​  (spanish) 

   • Detail changes NC-STP​ (spanish) ​

   • Norma Técnica de la Tarjetas de Ciudadano de Oro  (spanish)​​


​ •​   Credit cards providers​ 

•​    Debit cards providers​

•    ​Acquiring providers

•​   Card brands​​

Payment System Advisory Commission

​ •​​  2023 comission​​​​

Commissions ordinary review

Different documents are published on the studies carried out by the Central Bank for the regulation of the payment card system.

Ordinary Review 2020

   • Study  (spanish)
   • Materials for replicating the study  (spanish)​

Ordinary Review 2021​

   • Study
   • Materials for replicating the study  (spanish)​​


Ordinary Review 2022

   • Study (spanish)

   •  Materials for replicating the study​ (spanish)​​​

Ordinary Review 2023 (Public consultation)

   • Study (spanish)

   • Material for replicanting study (spanish)

   • ​Card Regulation, public consultation (spanish)​


Maximum commissions set by the BCCR for the card system, as well as reference commissions from other countries and regions

   • Maximum commissions established by the BCCR for the Payment Card System
   • Costa Rica - Acquisition fees 2019-2020
   • Acquisition fees available for various countries
   • Exchange commissions available for various countries

Press Releases

​Maximu​m commissions for payment cards come into effect on November 24​
​El Banco Central fija nuevas comisiones máximas para tarjetas de pago.

​Uso del PIN para transacciones con tarjetas mayores a 30 mil colones se introducirá gradualmente a partir de mayo
​​Maximu​m commissions for payment cards ​

Communication Materials

​   • ​Regulaciones sobre las tarjetas (curso v​irtual) 

   • New maximum commercial commissions [PDF]

Communication Materials, new maximun commercial commissions (PDF) 


   • Cuidados de las terminales de pago​ (PDF)