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Becoming certified

To be certified as a Cash-Free Entity in the CFE Program of the Central Bank of Costa Rica, you only need to follow the following steps, either by yourself, or by taking advantage of the advice and  assistance  provided by a consulting financial entity which will help you to carry out the following steps:

  1. Complete and send the registration form to
  2. Within the following 3 working days you will receive a call from the BCCR to schedule an appointment to receive information about important details of the program.
  3. Complete and send the initial payment matrix that you will receive during your appointment (a table with details about the concepts of collection and payment that your entity normally carries out, indicating which of them are done electronically, and which are handled in cash or through other means) to the e-mail
  4. You will receive a basic matrix with details of the strategy for substituting electronic services for cash payments.
  5. It may be necessary to carry out some activities involving all the financial entities participating in the CFE Program, such as opening accounts and assigning electronic services, depending on the substitution strategy defined.
  6. Complete the matrix every quarter, until the payment column reaches the percentage necessary to obtain the certification.
  7. Coordinate the verification procedure with the BCCR Surveillance Area, at
  8. Complete and send the CFE Program Evaluation to
  9. Coordinate with the BCCR to obtain the type of certification that you prefer.​