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​​​​Foreign Currency Market​

The Foreign Currency Market (MONEX in spanish) was launched for authorized and member entities in November 2006.

MONEX is a service whereby participating entities trade and liquidate with BCCR and among themselves their foreign currency buying and selling operations, pursuant to the provisions in the Regulations for Cash Exchange Operations.  

Information can also be sent to BCCR, pursuant to the Regulations for Cash Exchange Operations. Thus, information is available on the behavior of trading with the public, with entities outside of MONEX, as well as exchange rates used at the retail market.​

Using Service

This service allows entities to address their needs for buying and selling foreign exchange in the wholesale market.​


​   • It is easy to trade foreign exchange.

   • Liquidation in real time through delivery versus payment, directly into BCCR accounts, once a match of the operation is done.

   • Information on market and exchange rate behavior.

   • Information on operations transacted.

Working hours

​Working hours to trade foreign currency are 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.​

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