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​​​​Inter-Bank Swapping​

​The service Currency Swapping (CAF, in spanish) service was launched in October 2009, offering SINPE members a speedy mechanism to place their cash surpluses, through access to financial instruments that may be structured according to each participant’s specific needs.​

​Service functionalities

   • Record of investments so they may be constituted in real time.​

   • ​Investment scheduling -Investments are constituted on a future date specified by the investor.
   • Investment transfer-An investment may be transferred from its holder to another SINPE member.

   • Investment renewal- An investment may be automatically renewed on its due date for the same term as the original investment.

   • Inquiries about current and overdue investments.

   • Inquiries about projected estimation of interest and taxes.

   • Liquidation of overdue investments -Overdue investments are liquidated at 12:00 am on their due date.​

​   • Fund movements are applied directly to the account each participant has with the Banco Central de Costa Rica.

   • Financial entities are offered a safe, efficient option for investing their cash surpluses.

   • The CAF service may be accessed from any geographical zone where a participant may be, using SINPE’s connectivity platform.​​

Working hours
Constitution of operations - In real time, from 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.  Entities that are not bound by reserve requirements may constitute their operations at any time of the day, only on working days. Investments are scheduled and renewed at 12:00 am on the date indicated as the value date.

Liquidation of operations on due date - At 12:00 am of the date agreed as the due date (always on a working day.)​

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