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Automatic Debiting Authorization

To domicile a charge is to issue an authorization so that such funds may be automatically collected. Such an authorization is provided by means of a so-called  Orden de Domiciliación (Direct Collection Order). This document should be presented to the client’s financial entity authorizing debiting from their account. This way, payment will be made automatically every time creditors are to collect the funds, in accordance with the conditions in said order. Direct Collection orders may be processed by any of the following means:

With the entity of origin (the client’s entity collecting the funds)

With the provider of goods or services, or both. This is known as direct electronic payment or Pre-Notice of the Direct Payment Order.  The debtor goes personally to the individual or juridical person providing the goods/services and fills out a Direct Payment Order. In turn, the individual/juridical person sends the information to its own financial entity, which sends it electronically through SINPE to the debtor’s financial entity.

Once the entity where the client has the "cuenta cliente" to be debited receives the Direct Payment Order, it is recorded in its internal systems, so as to authorize payments to be received through Direct Debiting and Debiting in Real Time services.​

With the destination entity (the client’s entity from which funds are debited)

A "Domiciliación física del cobro" or direct collection order is processed with the debtor’s financial entity. In this case the debtor, after privately negotiating with their provider of goods/services, goes to the financial entity where they keep an account, and fills out a Direct Collection Order (i.e., Direct Debiting Authorization).  Information included in the Order is recorded in this entity’s information systems.

The following information is required to carry out either of the two previously mentioned procedures:

Information about the person who pays for the service:

   • Complete name.

   • Identification number.

   • Customer account number.

   • Iban account.

   • Currency of the account: colones or dollars. Inclusion of maximum amounts that may be debited every time.

   • Deadline: the last date for which the amount to be deducted from the specified account is authorized.

   • Signature - An order must be signed by the authorized person.


Information about the person requesting the payment:

   • Name of the individual or corporation authorized to request the payment

   • Identification number


Information about the payment requested:

   • Name of the service: indicate the service authorized (payment of electricity, magazine subscription, etc.)

   • Service code: code that identifies the service being paid (water-meter number, subscription number, etc.)

   • In the name of: name of the person or corporation affiliated with the service; payments are not limited only to the account holder, but may also be made to other persons or corporations.

   • Both procedures are carried out on a 2-working-day cycle  (T+2), and the costumer may process the debit after the direct debit order has been authorized.

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