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Transfers to Third Parties

This service was launched in March 2000, allowing users to move funds between "Cuenta Iban" from various financial entities. Transactions are done in real time. This means that after a transaction is sent by SINPE, funds are credited to the destination account within seconds, 24/7, all year long. Each entity processes transactions according to its own policy. Fees charged for transfers to third parties are fixed by the entity where they are processed. All fees may be checked at the section on Fees and Charges, under Fees charged by Financial Entities.

Opportunity to use the service

Transfers to third parties may be done to make payments immediately in cases where time is key, in contrast with Direct Crediting, where periodic payments may be scheduled ahead of time.


   • There is no risk involved, as money is not physically moved from one place to another.

   • Depending on the service offered by an entity, there is no need for the client to go to the entity, so transactions may be done entirely from a computer.

   • Both in the case of the party sending the money and that of the recipient, account balances may be checked immediately after the transaction.

   • Clients have the backing from BCCR’s Systems of Payments Department, should they need to file a claim for a service received or because funds were not credited within the timeframe set by policy.​

Working hours

Transactions are credited in real time to the destination client. Likewise, if it were not possible to process a transaction, funds should also be returned in real time to the ordering client.

Necessary information

Following is the information to be provided:  ID card number and recipient’s Cuenta Iban​; amount and transaction currency; payee’s name and ID card; transaction date and any other detail the entity may request.​

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