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​​​​​​Public debt registry

In its role as the Nation’s cash provider, BCCR has developed a number of services to manage domestic public debt bonds, both issued by the Ministry of Finance and by BCCR itself.​

Registry of standarized debt

The Registry of Standardized Debt administers the record of debt issued in series by the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance.

Securities in these issuances are known as standardized securities, since those that make up one series have identical characteristics in terms of their date of issue, currency, total amount, interest rate, duration, and expiration date.

For control purposes, the service operates as a "mirror" system of the registry of issue administered by the Book Entry System (SAC, in Spanish).

Registry of individualized debt

The Registry of Individualized Debt administers the record of securities issued with non- standardized characteristics.

These securities are issued by the Ministry of Finance, mostly to trade deposits with public institutions. They each have specific financial characteristics such as date of issue, amount, interest rate and expiration date, thereby turning them virtually into "individualized securities".

Registry of debt deposits

The Registry of Debt Deposits administers the registry of time deposits traded by individuals, businesses, and financial entities with BCCR. Information from investment owners and financial conditions under which these transactions are agreed is administrated through this record.

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