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​​​​​​​​​​​​Construction statistics​


   • General price index for construction inputs

   • By type of project

   • Construction price index by Central Product Classification

   • Quarterly economic activity index​

Construction prototypes​

   • Storage

   • Swimming pool


Bulletin II quarter 2022See documentBulletin II quarter 202204/08/2022
Bulletin IV quarter 2021See documentBulletin IV quarter 202124/02/2022
Bulletin III quarter 2021See documentBulletin III quarter 202126/10/2021
 Bulletin I quarter 2020 (spanish)Ver documento Bulletin I quarter 2020 (spanish)14/04/2020
Bulletin IV quarter 2019 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin IV quarter 2019 (spanish)18/02/2020
Bulletin III quarter 2019 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin III quarter 2019 (spanish)15/10/2019
Bulletin IV quarter 2018 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin IV quarter 2018 (spanish)25/01/2019
Bulletin II quarter 2018 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin II quarter 2018 (spanish)17/10/2018
Bulletin I quarter 2018 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin I quarter 2018 (spanish)18/06/2018
Bulletin IV quarter 2017 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin IV quarter 2017 (spanish)05/01/2018
Bulletin III quarter 2017 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin III quarter 2017 (spanish)02/01/2018
Bulletin I quarter 2017 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin I quarter 2017 (spanish)10/05/2017
Bulletin IV quarter 2016 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin IV quarter 2016 (spanish)24/01/2017
Bulletin III quarter 2016 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin III quarter 2016 (spanish)02/11/2016
Bulletin II quarter 2016 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin II quarter 2016 (spanish)15/07/2016
Bulletin I quarter 2016 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin I quarter 2016 (spanish)09/05/2016
Bulletin IV quarter 2015 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin IV quarter 2015 (spanish)15/01/2016
Bulletin III quarter 2015 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin III quarter 2015 (spanish)04/11/2015
Bulletin II quarter 2015 (spanish)Ver documentoBulletin II quarter 2015 (spanish)17/09/2015
Prototype Technical Memory (spanish)Ver documentoPrototype Technical Memory (spanish)17/09/2015
Production account of the private construction (spanish)Ver documentoProduction account of the private construction (spanish)17/09/2015
Audio of the Activity BCCR-CFIA, September 2015 (spanish)Ver documentoAudio of the Activity BCCR-CFIA, September 2015 (spanish)