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Payment System Procedures


In this section you may find those rules relating to operation of the National System of Payments (SINPE) of the Banco Central de Costa Rica.




Publication Date

Complementary standard for checks (Spanish)

Rules and regulations for check services, which control times and responsibilities in check compensation by SINPE


Complementary Rule on Automatic Debiting Authorization (Spanish)

Applicable to all those entities participating in the Automatic Debiting Authorization (ADA), offered by BCCR through SINPE.


Digital signature - physical standard (Spanish)

This book sets forth the requirements related to the physical and security infrastructure, as well as other general considerations which must be observed by entities acting as Registration Offices of the Certifying Authority of the National Electronic Payment System (SINPE), for managing digital certificates within the Costa Rican hierarchy of registered certificates.


Payment System Procedures

Payment System Procedures

Complementary Rule on Liquidation of External Services (Spanish)

Applicable to Direct Debiting Compensation (CDD) and Debiting in Real Time (DTR) services. See Complementary Note - Direct Debiting, and Complementary Note - Debiting in Real Time. Both of these allow for automatic debiting of current accounts from any entity offering these services.


Complementary Rule on Tax Information and Payment (Spanish)

Regulates the organization and functioning of CAN services operating under the SINPE platform, as well as the operation of BCCR's Principal Custody within the framework of this service.


Complementary Rule on Direct Debiting Compensation (Spanish)

Applies to entities offering CCD services through SINPE.


Complementary Rule on Check Compensation and Cashing (Spanish)

Applies to entities offering DDD services through SINPE.


Norma Complementaria Cuenta de Valores

Esta normativa es aplicable a todas las entidades que funcionan como custodios de valores y miembros liquidadores participantes de los diferentes servicios de valores provistos por el SINPE.


General codes of the Payment System

Contains the exact codes for recording the different transactions in the SINPE in an effective and safe manner

Complementary Rule on Auxiliary Cash Custody (Spanish)

Applies to entities offering compensation and cashing services for other securites, with the backing of a physical document other than a check.


Complementary Rule- Currency Market (Spanish)

Lays down the rules and provisions on the Operations Control and Follow-up (CSO), offered by BCCR through the National System of Electronic Payments (SINPE).


System of Payments Regulations (Spanish)

Applies to entities offering Debiting in Real Time (DRT) services through SINPE.


Complementary Rule on Digital Signature (Spanish)

Applies to all those entities functioning as Registry Offices and to Registration Agencies designated by said Registry Office, to process applications, issuance, delivery, renewal, revocation, and any other function under the laws, regulations, policies, and any other provision applicable to the National System of Digital Certificates.


Complementary rule - Tax declaration and liquidation

Complementary Norm on Tax Declaration and Liquidation.


Complementary Rule on Registry of Issue (Spanish)

Applicable to all entities involved in securities compensation and liquidations, organizers of markets, liquidator members, custodians, and issuers of public securities registered in account entry systems that have joined SINPE.


Complementary Rule - Control and Follow-up on Operations (Spanish)

Applicable to all entities that have joined SINPE and which offer any compensation services provided by a center other than SINPE.


Complementary Rule on Cash (Spanish)

Complementary Rule - Cash Market


Complementary Rule on Deposit Taking (Spanish)

Lays down the rules and provisions complementing the System of Payment Regulations for the Integraded Liquidity Market (ILM) services offered by BCCR through SINPE.


Complementary Rule on Integrated Liquidity Market (Spanish)

Lays down complementary rules and provisions of the System of Payment Regulations, to regulate the Foreign Currency Market (Monex) hosted by BCCR through SINPE.


Norma Complementaria de Numerario

Applies to currency processing tasks performed by financial entities and private firms for transportation of securities that do such processing tasks on behalf of a financial entity.


Physical Standard on Automatic Debiting Authorization (Spanish)

Applicable to every issuer of public securities registed in account entry systems and their representatives of issue.


Complementary Rule on Cash Transfer to Third Parties (Spanish)

Applies to entities taking part in SINPE, as well as their clients.


Complementary Rule on Debiting in Real Time (Spanish)

Applies to entities participating in cash transfers as a result of their own twist in business.


Complementary Rule on Market Liquidations (Spanish)

Applicable to entities operating as custodians of public securities registered in the Account Entry System and their issue representatives.


Orden de Domiciliación

Plantilla de la orden de domiciliación para autorizar débitos

Orden de Domiciliación

Plantilla de la OD


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