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The External Liquidation Service was launched in 2002. It is intended for external compensation bodies to liquidate transactions performed through ATMs, credit cards, electronic purses, and so forth.


 Región de Acordeón

Using the Service

This service allows compensator bodies to process operations in a speedier and timelier fashion, since it includes all accounts within the National Financial System. Participant entities gain more liquidity in their accounts, since operations from all SINPE services are centralized, along with those of other systems of payments.


• It provides liquidity, easiness, and speediness when liquidating operations outside of SINPE

• Movement of funds from these operations is facilitated

• It provides information on operations liquidated through SINPE

• Operations are transacted on pre-determined schedules.

• Various fees are applied for using SINPE services. These are regulated in the System of Payments Regulations.

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