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Money Claims


The Money Claims service has been developed as a measure for protecting SINPE users, who may file a claim if their Cuenta Cliente (CC) is debited an amount that has not been authorized, or if an amount is not duly credited.


Whatever the type of claim, having the Reference Number (Número de referencia) of the transaction is key. This 25-digit number is included in the debit or credit transaction slip. If you don’t have this number, you should request it at the bank that processed the transaction.


Thus, clients may be certain that they can file claims about undue collections made to their accounts, and they may also request for an amount delivered to their account to be duly credited. Claims may also be filed if funds are belatedly credited.


In all three cases, claims should be first filed with your own bank through the Money Claims service. If your bank failed to respond, the claim should be filed with the System of Payments Department, Financial Services Division at BCCR.


 Región de Acordeón

Types of Claims

1. Credited amounts not applied - Claims involving funds not credited to a "Cuenta Cliente".


2. Claims at BCCR - After filing a claim due to a failure in fund accreditation not duly corrected, another claim may be then filed with BCCR. This may also be the case if funds are belatedly credited.


3. Unauthorized debits: claims as a result of unauthorized or incorrect amounts debited to a "Cuenta Cliente".


Clients may always file a claim for a transaction in their accounts considered to be unacceptable.


The system provides slips to analyze any of the above claims.


If clients are not served to satisfaction by their financial entity, they may file their claim with BCCR.

Timeframe for Claims

Clients have up to 45 calendar days, counted from the date the credit or debit transaction was processed, to ask their financial entity to file a claim through SINPE’s money claim service.


According to current regulations after this period of time the claim will be regarded as out of date, and thereforme may not be processed through SINPE. For this reason the client should then file their claim directly with whomever ordered the transaction (provider of goods/services.)


Claims may be filed with financial entities in working days and within the working hours established by them.


In case of debits to a "Cuenta Cliente" and that were not authorized by the client, or which are not pertinent, the client being debited may file a claim to get the funds reimbursed. This procedure should be carried out through SINPE’s money claim service.


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