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Large-Scale Payments


These services allow carrying out several operations on the same day, and complete them on the same day in the cases of Direct Credits and Debits; or otherwise, services related to Checks and Other Securities are not completed until the next day  (T+1).


Direct Credits


This service allows requesting credits to a Customer Account located in any of the financial entities associated with the National Electronic Payment System (SINPE), which are credited by no later than 10:00 PM on the same day.


Direct Debits


This service allows requesting debits from a financial entity, which are charged on the same day to a Customer Account located in another financial entity, provided that the account has been previously enabled for direct debits by its owner, except in cases when the customer that requests and receives the debit is the same, in which case an authorization is not required.




Allows SINPE affiliates to cash checks deposited by their customers, which have been drawn against another financial entity.


Other securities


Allows SINPE affiliates to cash certificates issued by another entity and deposited by their customers.



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