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Cash Market


This service was launched in October 2012. Banks having cash surpluses may trade it in a speedy and duly controlled manner, thereby reducing storage, and sometimes processing costs. Meanwhile, for banks having cash shortages this is an effective mechanism to meet their daily requirements. Thus, both parties meet their needs more efficiently in a modern, safe fashion, with due regulatory backing as required in any kind of trading.


 Región de Acordeón

Using this service

Through the cash market, Banks distribute their cash surpluses, and forestall their processing, while also obtaining a margin of profit from such trading. To operate the Cash Market (CM) service, interested financial entities must request the corresponding permit, and meet the requirements defined by BCCR. 


• Optimum response time to meet banks’ cash needs - In the face of various types of contingencies forcing a rise in a financial entity’s demand for cash, such an entity does not necessarily have to go to BCCR to meet it. Additional cash may be traded with another bank that has the necessary amount, denomination, and quality of currency.


• Reduction in operational costs - Commercial banks operating through a Cash Market, may obtain classified cash, thereby reducing their operating costs.


• Less operating risks - In the case of entities requiring cash for a branch agency outside the Great Metropolitan Area, there is no need to move to and from BCCR, as cash may be traded with another bank nearby.

Working Hours

The Cash Market service is available during the working hours defined in the System of Payments Regulations.

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