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SINPE Members


All financial entities that are part of the National Financial System may join SINPE, as well as public institutions. Among financial entities are commercial banks, bancos especiales, savings and loans associations, financial companies, savings & loans cooperatives, stock brokerage firms, pension fund operators, investment fund administration companies, service marketers, "solidarista" associations, and operadores de medios de pago.  Among those public institutions that have joined SINPE it is worth mentioning the Ministry of Finance, the Social Security System (CCSS), the National Insurance Institute (INS), the Institute of Municipal Promotion and Assistance (IFAM), and Costa Rica’s Electricity Institute (ICE). All of them are directly connected to SINPE, and may use the various services offered.




(100) Banco Central

(102) Bac San Jose 

(104) HSBC 

(107) BCT 

(114) Lafise 

(115) CMB (Costa Rica) S.A. 

(116) Promérica 

(117) Citibank de Costa Rica S.A. 

(120) Improsa 

(123) Scotiabank 

(125) Cathay 

(126) Banco General de Costa Rica S.A.

(151) Banco Nacional de Costa Rica 

(152) Banco de Costa Rica 

(153) Banco Crédito Agrícola de Cartago 

(161) Banco Popular de Desarrollo Comunal 

(162) Banco Hipotecario de la Vivienda 

(312) Banco BanSol

Stock Brokerage Firms 


(553) Inversiones Sama

(554) Mercado Valores

(556) BCT Valores

(558) Citi Valores Accival S.A.

(559) ACOBO

(568) INS- Valores

(569) Lafise Valores

(570) Davivienda Puesto de Bolsa S.A. (Costa Rica)

(571) Scotia Valores

(574) Mutual Valores

(577) Aldesa Valores

(581) BAC San Jose

(586) BN-Valores

(587) Popular Valores

(588) BCR - Valores

(594) Improsa Valores




Savings and Loans Associations


(803) Grupo Mutual Alajuela - La Vivienda

(804) Mutual Cartago




(811) Coocique

(813) CoopeAlianza


(816) Cooperativa de

Servicios  Públicos

(817) Coope Ande N° 1 RL



Financing Firms


(304) Financiera Cafsa

(310) Financiera G&T

Continental Costa Rica S.A.  

(322) Financiera Comeca

(326) Financiera Desyfin


Currency Exchange 


(403) Casa de Cambio Teledolar S.A.

(406) Latin American Exchange - Casa de Cambio S.A.


Pension Fund Operators



(653) OPC -Vida Plena

(654)  OPC- Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social.

(655) OPC - Bac San José

(656) OPC-Banco Popular

(657) OPC- BCR Pensiones


Government Institutions


(725) Mideplan - Ministerio de Planificación.

(730) IFAM -  Instituto de Fomento y Asesoría Municipal

(734) ICE - Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad

(735) Recope - Refinadora Costarricense de Petróleo

(739) Ministerio de Hacienda

(746) CCSS - Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social

(747) INS - Instituto Nacional de Seguros

(754) JPS - Junta de Protección Social

(755) Municipalidad de San José

(756) Radiográfica Costarricense S.A. 

External Liquidators


(450) Citi Tarjetas de Costa Rica S.A.

(451) Evertec Costa Rica S.A.

(501) Bolsa Nacional de Valores

(745) Central de Valores




Other Financial Entities


(821) Caja de ANDE


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