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Requesting SINPE Services


All SINPE members have to their avail different services for money transfers, which are offered to their clients by different means:


• Through their own web pages

• At their client service platforms

• Via email

• Through written authorizations directed at the entity (by authorized signatures), etc.

• Other ways


Each financial entity decides on the mechanism to be used. Clients should contact their entity to learn how to take advantage of the various services offered by SINPE.


Fees for SINPE services charged by each entity to its clients are indicated in the section on banking fees and charges, fees charged by financial entities. Here you may find out whether your financial entity offers these services, and the amount charged for each.


Services you may request to your financial entity:


Money transfers to third parties  - Funds are immediately moved between any of SINPE’s member entities [+] information


Direct credits - Funds are moved among any of SINPE’s member entities, and are credited to the destination client the day after the operation is carried out. [+] information


• Direct debits - Collections are performed automatically and periodically, thereby reducing payment arrears and fines due to slowness in payments [+] information


• Debiting in real time - this service allows execution of different charges in real time; therefore collections can be made and processed reliably in seconds[+] information


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