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Intellectual Property Rights for SINPE


The System of Payment Regulations provides that SINPE is a Registered Trademark owned by BCCR; that its use is solely restricted to BCCR or whomever BCCR may authorize, and that BCCR may take action, through proper legal channels, against anyone engaging in any unauthorized use of said Registered Trademark and its distinctive signs.


Use of the SINPE Trademark is regulated by the Law on Trademarks and other Distinctive Signs (Ley de Marcas y otros Signos Distintivos, No. 7978 from 1 February  2000), the Law on Procedures for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (Ley de Procedimientos de Observancia de los Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual, No. 8039, from 5 October 2008), the System of Payment Regulations, and this "Manual de Marca- SINPE". Therefore, anyone authorized by BCCR to use such Trademark shall do it strictly abiding by this legal framework.


Therefore, any violation of "SINPE Intelectual Property Rights" (SINPE Trademark, Central Directo or SINPE Software), is protected by such trade registry. Consequently, anyone who may detect any such situation and/or who may be affected by any such situation, should report it to any of BCCR offices, so BCCR may start an investigation. Reports may be submitted through the form provided in our Contact section. Information will be treated confidentially. 



Brand Manual SINPE (Spanish)

Guide to report unauthorized (Spanish)







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