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Types of Claims and Periods for Filing them with BCCR


In this section you may find the various types of claims clients may file against entities allegedly non- complying with a rule to the detriment of a SINPE user.


 Región de Acordeón


• Amounts not accredited or belatedly accredited to a Cuenta Cliente

  Unauthorized debited amounts, or amounts incorrectly debited from a Cuenta Cliente

• Improperly rejecting a duly authorized debiting operation

• Improperly rejecting an amount to be credited to a Cuenta Cliente through any of the services available through SINPE

• Charging fees higher than those posted on BCCR’s website for the provision of services.


• Not reimbursing a fee for a transaction not carried out

• Not paying an indemnification for belatedly accrediting an amount

• Not paying for collateral damages due to errors, or for poorly delivering a service ordered through SINPE.


• Delays in addressing any requests concerning SINPE services

• Debiting authorizations from a Cuenta Cliente not processed, or processed in an untimely manner, or incorrectly processed.

• Unduly rejecting an automated debiting authorization - ADA.

• Not addressing claims concerning SINPE services.

• Not validating an identification document with the corresponding Cuenta Cliente  (as indicated in SINPE’s rules)

• Not providing any cash transfer services defined as compulsory by the System of Payment Regulations (Reglamento del Sistema de Pagos)

• Any problems when providing SINPE services on the web pages of member entities.

Digital Signature

• Failing to see a client who has previously asked for a meeting to obtain a digital signature certificate or device.

• Advising a client incorrectly while processing and instructing them on how to use digital signature certificates

• Not providing a client with support on matters relating to their digital signature

• Not delivering services offered to a client and involving digital signature

• Charging for digital signature services an amount higher than reported to BCCR and posted on BCCR’s website.

Other Issues Involving SINPE Services

Any other problems arising that involve any of SINPE services.

Periods for Filing Claims

Clients have 45 calendar days to file their claims, counted from the date a debiting or an accrediting operation was processed.


Once this period of time has elapsed, and according to the provisions in SINPE’s rules and regulations, claims will be regarded as untimely, and therefore may not be processed through SINPE or through BCCR.


As for claims to be filed with BCCR, they may be submitted electronically to email address  Claims are received 24/7, and they will be addressed the following working day.


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