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Instructions for filing claims with BCCR


To file a claim with BCCR, a form should be completed including all necessary information.


In addition to this form, it is important to include all back-up documentation to support your claim, for example: receipts, account statements, letters, emails, or reports for the first claim submitted with the financial entity itself.


Claims for BCCR should be presented to BCCR only when clients have previously submitted a report to the entity allegedly failing to comply with current regulations when doing a transaction through SINPE, provided said entity did address it, or if a client is not satisfied with the solution or response obtained.


As a result, a claim may be filed with BCCR, provided this claim is considered in this page, and if it is filed within the established period of time and in keeping with the following procedure:


1.  Fill out a form ("Formulario de Reclamación") bearing in mind the following:


• Choose the option that best suits your problem.

• Explain the situation in as much detail as possible.

• Remember to fill out all required ("obligatorio") spaces.


2. Save a copy of the form in your computer.


3. Prepare all back-up documentation (images, scanned documents) to support your claim.


4. Write an email attaching the form and back-up documentation, and send it to:


BCCR will acknowledge receipt of your email the following working day, indicating whether your claim has been admitted for processing. If so, a reference number will be assigned to your case, along with a BCCR official in charge of addressing it, who will coordinate everything between yourself as the client, and the entity involved in the claim.


The claim should be solved by BCCR within 30 working days after receiving the form. Therefore, please make sure you address any request for additional documentation or information in a timely manner.




SINPE Clients:This form is for clients of entities that have joined SINPE, in cases where -in their view- a procedure has not been carried out properly.


SINPE member entities: This form is for SINPE member entities, in cases where -in their view- another SINPE member entity has failed to comply with a SINPE procedure or rule.



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