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Claim Procedure


The Central Bank of Costa Rica’s claim service addresses any complaints filed by clients of those entities that are part of the National System of Electronic Payments, SINPE, involving their interests and rights acquired by law, and resulting in any alleged non-compliance with current legislation by the entities in question. This is all in the interest of protecting clients, good practices and financial customs, in keeping with the basic principles of the Bank International of Payments (BIS).


Inquiries on applicable rules on transparency and protection to clients are also addressed, as well as any existing lawsuits regarding the exercise of a client’s rights.


Please note that before filing a claim with BCCR, you should file it with your financial entity in keeping with its own mechanisms. If your case were not addressed or if the solution provided were not satisfactory, you may submit your claim to BCCR, according to the procedure subsequently explained.


 Región de Acordeón

Contacts at financial entities for addressing claims

If you didn’t file your claim properly in the first instance with the financial entity, following is a list of officials responsible at each entity for addressing your claim.


List of Contacts by entity (Spanish)


If you would like more information on how to file a claim with your financial entity at the cash claiming service please click here

Contacts at BCCR

Postal Address: PO Box 10058-1000




Phone numbers: (506) 2243-3525 / (506) 2243-3759 / (506) 2243-3660


Fax: (506) 2243-4565


Working Hours: 9:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m., Mon-Fri.


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