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Legal Framework


In this section you will find the laws, decrees, regulations, Board of Director agreements, guidelines, manuals, instructions documents, and other related documents issued by Banco Central de Costa Rica and which are currently in force. To obtain historic versions of these same documents please go to the Contact section.






Organic Law of Banco Central de Costa Rica, Law No.7558

This law sets forth the competencies of Banco Central de Costa Rica for the fulfillment of its aims.



Stock Market Regulatory Law, Law No.7732 (Spanish)

Its aim is to regulate stock markets, the direct and indirect participation of individuals and juridical persons, the acts and contracts related to these markets, and the securities traded therein.



Organic Law of the National Banking System, Law No.1644 (Spanish)

The National Banking System shall be governed by this Law, and the Organic Law of Banco Central de Costa Rica, and all other applicable laws and their corresponding regulations. 



Workers’ Protection Law, No.7983 (Spanish)

Its aims are to regulate labor capitalization funds, render pensions universal, expand the coverage and strengthen the System of Invalidity, Old Age, and Death of the CCSS, oversee the functioning of supplementary pension plans, bodies taking part in the collection and administration of pension programs, and controlling a proper administration of workers’ resources.



Development Bank System Law, No.8634 (Spanish)

A mechanism to finance and promote production projects that are feasible from both a technical and a financial point of view, in keeping with the country’s development model in terms of the social mobility of the law’s target population.



Insurance Market Regulatory Law, No.8653 (Spanish)

This law is aimed at protecting the subjective rights and legitimate interests of insurees and of third parties, as well as creating and laying down the framework for authorization, regulation, and oversight, and creating the conditions for the insurance market development, etc.



Law for Protecting Citizens from Excessive Administrative Requirements and Procedures,  Law No.8220 (Spanish)

This law is applicable to the entire Public Administration, both centralized and decentralized, including autonomous and semi-autonomous institutions, bodies with an instrumental legal status, non-state public entities, town councils, and public corporations. Procedures involving State defense and national security are exempted from applicability.



Law on Digital Certificates and Signatures and Electronic Documents, Law No.8454 (Spanish)

Applicable to all kinds of legal acts and transactions, whether public or private, except for any legal provisions to the contrary, or if the nature of the specific requirements of the act or business are not compatible.



Law on Financial Administration and Public Budgets of the Republic, Law No.8131 (Spanish)

It regulates the economic and financial scheme of public funds’ administrator and custodian bodies and entities. 



Law on Foreign Financing Agreements with Private Foreign Banks, Law No.7010 (Spanish)

Applicable to foreign financial agreements entered into with private foreign banks.



Law to Counter Corruption and Illicit Enrichment in Public Administration, Law No.8422 (Spanish)

The aims of this law are to prevent, detect, and punish corruption in public office.



Law on Narcotics, Psychotropic Substances, Unauthorized Drugs, Related Activities, Money Laundering, and the Financing of Terrorism, Law No.7786 (Spanish)

Amended in whole through  Law No. 8204 dated  26 December 2001 



Law on the System of Private Supplementary Pensions, Law No.  Law No.7523 (Spanish)

This law is aimed at authorizing and regulating the creation of supplementary private pension and individual savings plans.



Law Regulating Insurance Contracts,  Law No.8956 (Spanish)

This law regulates insurance contracts. Compulsory insurance such as workers’ compensation and vehicle compulsory insurance are governed by their own specific laws. In supplementary fashion, the provisions in this law, the Code of Commerce, and the Civil Code are to be observed, in this order and where relevant.


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