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Forum on the Input-Output Model applied to the Costa Rican economy



The Banco Central de Costa Rica invites all interested parties to participate in the First Forum on the Input-Output Model applied to the Costa Rican economy, to be held on November 27 and 28, 2014. The Office of the Comptroller of the Republic, the School of Economics of the Universidad Nacional, and the School of Statistics of the Universidad de Costa Rica will collaborate in this event.


The object of this forum is to discuss the usefulness of the 2011 Input-Output Matrix, and to promote its use through sharing ideas and experiences among members of the scientific community, researchers, statisticians and policy promotors interested in input-output matix and related methods.


One of the principal objectives of the Input-Output model is to analize the interdependency of industries in an economy, showing how the outputs of one industry are the inputs of another, thus reflecting their inter-relationships. Currently, this is one of the most-used tools in the analysis of domestic production and of integration of the local economy into the international context.


As a tool for analysis, the 2011 Input-Output Matrix allows the estimation of possible direct and indirect impacts of changes in final demand or prices. In this sense, research made using the matrix becomes a fundamental input to understand the country’s economic reality. 


All persons interested in participating as lecturers are invited to submit their original works on the topic.


The deadline for submitting research proposals is August 18, 2014. Proposals should be send to the following e-mail address:


Each candidate may propose only one work of his/her own authorship, except if the work was jointly prepared with another researcher, in which case the attached form should be used for submissions. Once the research proposals are received and selected, candidates will be advised of decisions via electronic mail no later than August 22.


The deadline for submitting preliminary versions of the works selected is November 7. They must be sent o the following electronic mail address:


Information on the 2011 Input-Output Matrix is available in the Banco Central de Costa Rica Web site:


Input-Output Matrix Costa Rica 2011 77x77 (spanish)

Input-Output Matrix Costa Rica 2011 37x37 (spanish)

Presentation of the 2011 Costa Rica Input-Output Matrix (spanish)

Program for the First Forum on the Input-Output Model applied to the Costa Rican economy (spanish)


For additional enquiries you may write to:


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