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Business Sector Data and Macroeconomic Management by the Central Bank of Costa Rica - 2013


This event is carried out every year since 2010, with the aim of thanking the private sector for the information it provides to the Central Bank, and which is used to prepare the country’s economic indicators. This information is treated as strictly confidential. The following topics were addressed in 2013: Monex as an instrument for currency management; Costa Rica en route to its scheme of inflation goals; and Macroeconomic Program for 2013-2014 -which was conducted by the President of the Central Bank. 




Presentación del Programa Macroeconómico 2013-2014. Rodrigo Bolaños Zamora, President of the Central Bank of Costa Rica.


Monex como instrumento para la gestión de divisas. Francisco Meza Chacón, Director, Department of National Operations.


Costa Rica en la ruta hacia el esquema de las metas de inflación. Róger Madrigal López, Director, Economic Division.





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