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Guide to Complete the Form for Outside Applicants


To participate in personnel hiring processes, interested persons must submit their offer for services, duly completed according to the following terms.


Guide to Complete the Service Offer Form for Outside Applicants


The form Offer of Services is the official document through which you will offer your services to the Banco Central or its Superintendencies, providing both personal and work-related information, as well as specific information about the work conditions you would be willing to accept (salary expectations, work schedule, offices in which you would like to work).


The information included in this form is processed and saved in the "Supplier database", which is specifically designed to assist in fulfilling staff contracting needs; a series of search filters are used, according to the job profile and its requirements, generating a list of potential candidates who are invited to participate in the personnel contracting processes carried out in the Banco Central, as well as in its Fully Autonomous Bodies (FAB). A Registry of Eligible Parties is then created following the application of suitability tests.


Concerning this point, it is important to emphasize that Article 32 of the Collective Labor Agreement entered into by the Banco Central de Costa Rica and its employees, states the following:


"The Institution shall have a transparent and participatory system for selecting and promoting its personnel, which will facilitate and document its decision making. For this purpose, the Bank shall have a registry of suppliers which shall be periodically updated; any person may request that his or her curriculum be included, provided that there are jobs whose profiles may be fulfilled by said person according to the terms established by the Institution. Information of employees of the Banco Central shall be continuously updated in this registry.


Selection and promotion of the Institution’s personnel shall be made based on the proven suitability of participants. Therefore they shall take tests and provide the information requested for this purpose..."


As indicated, the information in the "Supply of Services" form will first be analyzed by the staff assigned by the Bank for the personnel contracting process, from the Human Resources Management Department or the business areas in which the vacant position is located.


When personnel are contracted, the information collected will be input into other information systems of the Bank, associated with the personnel admission process and the staff handbook, in compliance with applicable validation mechanisms.


The Institution will thus understand that when the persons interested in being considered for a job enter their information in the appropriate form, they authorize use of such information under the terms indicated in this document.


To make several points related to the use of the form clearer for you, we would appreciate it if you would revise the material presented below:


1. General Aspects


a.     In the box entitled  "Le interesa participar en puestos" (Interested in applying for positions), applicants may choose any of the following options:

             Professional (Profesional):  This option is for applicants wishing to be considered only for professional positions, which by their nature require having university degrees.

             Non-Professional (No profesional):  This option is for applicants wishing to be considered only for non-professional positions such as technical positions, assistants, and so forth, and which, due to the nature of their duties do not require having university studies -high school, or "third year of university studies" at most.

             Both ("Ambos"):  This option indicates that applicants wish to be considered both for professional and non-professional positions.


b.     All information is to be provided under oath. Therefore, any gross and/or fraudulent inaccuracies or alterations will provide the grounds for an applicant to be excluded from the contracting. If the applicant were to be contracted, such an irregularity will be considered as gross misconduct, and in both cases the situation may be reported to the Public Ministry (Art. 10, Reglamento Autónomo de Servicios del Banco Central de Costa Rica).   


c.     Any service offers to be sent uncompleted will not be regarded as valid, and will therefore be dismissed.


d.     Service offers will be valid for a year, and then will be eliminated from the system. However, applicants may provide an updated offer.


e.     Service offer forms to be received will be analyzed, and those applicants complying with the staff hiring process conducted by the Area of Human Resources Administration will be pre-selected.     


f.     Whenever required by staff from the Area of Human Talent Management, applicants must submit the original documents and photocopies of their academic record**, certifications of time served in previous positions, work reference letters, etc., matching the corresponding references in their Service Offers. Moreover, applicants should be willing to perform any suitability tests the Bank may determine to that effect. 


2. Accessing the Form


a.     The form for "Service Offers for Outside Applicants" is in Microsoft Excel®.  First, you should open the file, then rename it in a folder in your own hard drive, or in a USB memory stick.


b.     Save the document as follows: Last name + Mother’s Maiden Name + First name. Example:

File name: Smith Rogers Joe


3. Service Offer Structure


The service offer is divided into several sections:


- Personal data (Information to locate the applicant.)


- Studies (Applicant’s academic/ professional development.)


- Courses and/or seminars (details of any specialized training.)


-Specialized certifications (CIA, CISA, IFRS, ISA, CFA, CIIA, CeFA, stock exchange broker, CRISC; Windows Technologies.)


- Original certificates and copies of the above mentioned studies. 


- Previous job information and police record  (whether applicant has worked in public institutions; received benefits; has been terminated; criminal proceedings; administrative proceedings.)


- Working experience (Brief reference to other jobs.)


-References (List of persons willing to recommend your services.)


- Family Information (Description of family group.)


- Other (Your choice of the Body you would like to work for.)


- Recent photograph (Digital, in jpg format).


4. Clarifications


a.     Applicant’s photograph should be sent by email along with the Service Offer, as an independent attachment. Therefore, the email to register in the database should contain two files: 1) The Service Offer, and 2) A recent passport-size photograph (as a .jpg file.)


b.     In Section A) PERSONAL DATA, applicants are requested to indicate, among other things, their  WISHED SALARY ("Pretensión salarial"). Here you should indicate the minimum monthly amount you would be willing to earn, should you be contracted by the Central Bank of Costa Rica or any of its Fully Autonomous Bodies.


c.     Any training applicant has had aside from formal university studies should be indicated in the section SPECIALIZED COURSES OR SEMINARS (Cursos o seminarios especializados), also stating the full name of the organization that provided the training.


d.     The information required in the Service Offer is very important in terms of the staff contracting process. Please make sure you fill in all the boxes in each section of the form (do not omit any relevant information), and check that the email address and boxes for academic studies are properly filled in before you submit your proposal.


e.     All data included in your offer is considered as relevant for decision making. Therefore, before you send it make sure you check that it is all up-to-date (This is particularly relevant when offers are sent more than once.)


5. Sending the form to a pre-defined email address


a.     After completing the Service Offer form, send it as an attachment to the  following  email (Please remember to attach your picture as well):


b.     Please remember to rename the file following the indications in these instructions.


c. In case you have no Internet access, you may present the form in a CD at BCCR’s Correspondence Office. Please present file in Excel (.xls) format.


6. Acceptance of Offers



Depending on the demand for professionals or persons in the various trades,  BCCR reserves the right to accept offers received, and otherwise dismiss any unsuitable offers. In these cases, an email communiqué will be sent to the address indicated in the Service Offer.



We appreciate your interest in working for BCCR. If you have any questions, please contact the Area of Human Talent Management at the following phone numbers: 2243-3468, 2243-3442, 2243-3457, 2243-3523, 2243-3469 or 2243-3547.




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