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Instructions for Certifying your Command of English


Staff is contracted at the Central Bank of Costa Rica and its Superintendent Offices by means of Staff Hiring Procedures, where academic requirements and knowledge necessary for any given position are specified in detail.


In some Staff Hiring Processes, candidates must prove their degree of command of English. To this end, they must present a certification to the Department of Management of the Human Factor, no later than the day a technical test is to be conducted. Failing to do so may result in a candidate being dismissed, and therefore candidates are recommended to pay special attention to meet this requirement.


Certifications must be provided by an institute recognized in the country, which must have a juridical personality, taking into account BCCR’s ranking parameters on the person’s knowledge of the language, as follows: Oral Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, and Writing Skills.


Following is a description of the various documents and steps to be taken to obtain the above certificate:


Annex 1: Note requesting knowledge of English to be assessed (Please print out and submit to the institute of your choice.)


Annex 2: Ranking parameters established by BCCR. (Please print out and enclose to the letter to be submitted to the institute, so that these parameters are applied both in placement test and the certification.)


Annex 3:  Sample of the certification to be issued by the Institute (Please print out and enclose to your letter in Annex 1, so as to meet the requirements established by the Department of Management of the Human Factor.)


Annex 4: Table with some of the institutes that have performed placement tests and certifications according to BCCR’s standards. The following information is specified: Institute name, telephone numbers, physical address, and date of issuance. This table is shown for those candidates wishing to consider any of these institutes. However, you may choose some other institute, provided that it has a juridical status. 


Once the placement test is done, the institute will provide you with the appropriate certificate, which in turn candidates must present the day of the technical test.




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