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In this section you will find the latest updated and historical series of economic indicators prepared by the Banco Central de Costa Rica, along with information compiled from outside sources.


 Región de Acordeón

National Accounts

National Accounts, 2012 Reference Period: The National Accounts for the 2012 Reference Period show improvements in the definition and classification of statistical information, presenting a more precise view of the country’s economy and facilitating international comparability.


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Environmental Accounts

With these accounts, the physical and economic value of natural resources, as well as their relevance for national wealth, can be quantified in an integral manner.


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 Región de Acordeón

Economic surveys

-Evolution of inflation and exchange rate variation expectations

-Economic aspects of family remittances in Costa Rica


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External sector

-Quarterly balance of payments

-Total external debt by currency

-Trade balance

-Central bank net reserves


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Exchange rates

-Buy-sell of dollars of the United States of America



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Interest rates

-Monetary policy rate (MPR)

-Financial intermediaries weighted offered rate (TBP)

-Electronic deposits gross rates

-Yield Curve


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Monetary and financial

-Monetary emission

-Liquidity in national currency kept in the financial system

-Total domestic credit extended by the financial system


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Price indices

-Consumer price index base June 2015 (CPI)

-Manufacturing producer price index (MPPI) 

-Nominal minimum wage index (NMWI)


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Production and employment

- Gross domestic product by industry, volume at chained prices of the previous year

- Gross domestic product, millions of colones

-Number of persons employed by economic activity sector

-Total population by activity status and rates


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Public finances

-Central Government: income, expenditures and effective financing

-Financial results of the global public sector

-Bonded domestic debt of the Banco Central de Costa Rica


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Trading market

-MONEX transactions summary

-Integrated liquidity market (Colones)

-Loans in the Short-Term Investment System

-National Stock Exchange Index


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Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS)


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National Accounts (Quarterly GDP)


IV Quarter-2017

Monthly Index of Economic Activity (MIEA)



Consumer Price Index (CPI)



Balance of Payments


IV Quarter-2017

Foreign Trade of Merchandise



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