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The enactment of Law 8454 on certificates, digital signatures and electronic documents, provided the juridical foundation for the issuance of Digital Signature Certificates in the country, granting digital signatures and electronic documents legal equivalence and the same evidentiary status as handwritten signatures and physical documents.


The Banco Central de Costa Rica has created a Certifying Authority for issuing digital signature certificates for private individuals (CA SINPE - Private individual), and another one for issuing certificates for corporations (CA SINPE- Corporation). Both certifying authorities belong to the National Hierarchy of Registered Certifiers, and are duly registered and authorized to operate by the Digital Signature Certifying Office of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT), which is responsible for administering and supervising the national digital certificate system.


In this section, you will find relevant information that will help you become familiar with each of these types of digital signature certificates, their requirements, and the procedures that you must follow to obtain them.


Certificates for private individuals


 Región de Acordeón

General Information

This section presents details of digital signature certificates for private individuals:


-Definition of the service


-Requirements and procedures to obtain the certificates


-Uses of the digital signature of a private individual


Further information

Authorized registration offices

This page presents the different registration offices available for private individuals to obtain a digital signature certificate. This list includes data on location, costs and contact information to arrange an appointment.


Further information

Revocation of certificates

Revocation of a certificate implies cancellation or termination of a certificate before it expires. A certificate cannot be used from the moment of its revocation.


A certificate may be revoked for several reasons or causes:


 - Upon a request by the certificate’s owner.

 - Upon a request by the Certifying Authority.

 - When the corresponding authorities detect invalid acts in the process of affiliation with the certification program.

 - Due to a violation of the duties of a certificate holder described in the Subscriber Agreement.

 - Due to non-compliance with prerequisites when issuing the certificate.

 - Any of the other reasons set forth in the Certificate Policy for the National Hierarchy of Certifiers.


All certificate subscribers must bear in mind that if they suspect that their certificate has been compromised, they are responsible for revoking it immediately, as all acts, obligations and consequences stemming from signatures or authentications issued under their certificate before the revocation takes place are their exclusive responsibility.


To revoke a certificate you must visit the Revocation of Digital Certificates site, and complete the form that appears on the screen.


If you cannot access the Internet, you may go to a Registration Office or request revocation using the telephone. The latter procedure is regulated by each Registration Office.


Revoking a digital certificate in a Registration Office has no cost whatsoever. To find information about authorized Registration Offices, their schedules, etc., you can visit the Registration Offices page.

Digital signature developments

This section presents some of the many ways in which businesses and government agencies are using the digital signature.


Further information

Card homologation

This information is particularly relevant for entities that provide digital signature issuance services for private individuals or companies which produce or sell smart cards. You can find information about which cards have been homologated by the Sinpe Certifying Authority (CA - Private individual). A non-exhaustive list of smart card readers that work with the Sinpe’s CA devices is also included.


Further information

Statistics and information

Statistics on the Registration Offices authorized by the BCCR for issuing digital certificates to private individuals, and on the amount of certificates issued.


Further information

Explanatory course

In the following course you can learn more about certificates for a private individual.


Further information

Subscriber agreement

The subscriber agreement is the document that specifies all of the duties, responsibilities and general conditions accepted by private individuals when they use their digital certificate.


Further information


Corporate certificates


 Región de Acordeón

General information

This section includes details on digital signature certificates for corporations.


-Definitions of the certificates.

-Roles of participants when they apply for and obtain a certificate.

-Process for obtaining a certificate.

-Related costs.

-Service regulations


Further information

Revocation of certificates

The revocation of corporate certificates may by carried out by the Legal Representative of the entity that owns the certificate, or by the Processor of Corporate Certificates designated by the legal representative of the interested entity before the CA SINPE - Corporation of the BCCR.


The legal representative, or otherwise, the Processor must send a note requesting the revocation. The note must be addressed to Sinpe’s Operations Center and sent to, and must include the following information:


-Type of certificate to be revoked (Electronic seal or Electronic agent).

-Certificate’s serial number.

-Reason for the revocation.


The note must be digitally signed by the legal representative or the Processor. Sinpe’s Operations Center will confirm in writing the date and time on which the certificate was revoked. Likewise, it will be in contact with the interested party, should it be necessary.

Homologation of cryptographic devices

This information will allow you to learn more about the technical requirements that cryptographic devices used for storing digital certificates for corporations must have.


In addition, you may consult the list of cryptographic devices homologated by CA Sinpe- Corporations, and find out about the requirements for homologating other devices which are not included in this list.


Further information

Subscriber agreement

The agreement is the document that specifies all of the duties, responsibilities and general conditions accepted by corporations when they use their digital certificate.





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