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Invitation to Potential Providers


To comply with the provisions of Article 46 of the Administrative Contracting Law, any person interested in being part of the registry of suppliers of the Institution must complete the attached forms, together with the indicated documents, and submit them to the Procurement Department on the first floor of the Bank.


For competitive bidding procedures (Public Bidding, Expedited Bidding, and Direct Purchases for small amounts) the Procurement Department is using the Mer-Link purchasing system, which you may register in by visiting the Mer-Link site.


If you are interested in being registered in the Registry of Suppliers of the Institution, you must observe the following requirements:


Individual suppliers:


1. Present a photocopy of both sides of your identity card.

2. Fill out the documents attached to this document.


Corporate suppliers:


1. Present an updated registry- or notary-certified (photocopy) of the registration of the corporation in the Public Registry, as well as of the legal representatives and the names of partners.


2. Corporations must submit a certification from the Public Registry and/or a Notary Public (photocopy) describing the nature of fees and shares, according to the Registry’s Books.


3. Present a photocopy of both sides of the identity card of the firm’s legal representative.


4. Fill out the documents attached to this document.


Foreign suppliers:


1. Representatives of foreign companies must indicate who will be their representative in the country.


2. Indicate the SWIFT number of the account where future payments would be made.


3. Provide general information about the services they wish to offer.


Forms with incomplete data or which are not signed will not be processed.



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