Banco Central de Costa Rica


2010-2014 Strategic Plan


The Central Bank of Costa Rica is an institution whose aim is to control inflation. To meet its objectives, it works jointly with the National Council for the Financial System’s Oversight. It is also entrusted with the issuance and administration of Costa Rican currency, among other tasks.



To maintain the stability of the national currency, both in domestic and in foreign markets, and to ensure its conversion into other currencies.



To be a Central Bank recognized by Costa Rican society and by the international community because of its efficiency, transparency, and credibility in keeping low and stable inflation rates.



 Región de Acordeón

Staff successful conducts


I am creative, flexible, and open to new ideas; my skills nourish from continuous learning; I envision opportunities for improvement; I share my knowledge; and I produce motivation for change.



I take on my work and the responsibilities that come with it with enthusiasm, discipline, and honesty. I am both action-and-outcome-oriented, I come up with solutions, and have a sense of ownership.



I am action-oriented, and the services I offer meet my client’s needs and expectations in terms of quality, timeliness, and efficiency.



The main objectives of the Central Bank of Costa Rica are:



• To maintain the stability of the national currency in domestic markets, while also striving for a full use of production resources.


• To maintain the stability of the national currency in foreign markets, and ensure its free conversion into other currencies.


• To promote the stability, effectiveness, and competitiveness of the financial intermediation system.


 • To promote efficiency in the domestic system of payments, and to ensure its ongoing normal operation.


• To ensure the institution’s operational excellence, understood as the implementation of its essential functions to meet its objectives at the least possible cost, and under acceptable risk conditions.


Main functions

• Keeping the national currency’s conversion and value in foreign markets.


• Maintaining the custody and administration of the country’s international monetary reserves.


• Defining and maintaining the country’s monetary and exchange rate policy.


• Serving as advisor to the Government and cashier- bank to the State.


• Promoting favorable conditions for the strengthening, liquidity, credit standing, and adequate functioning of the National Financial System.


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