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Banknotes and Coins


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Does the Banco Central receive banknotes and coins that are no longer in circulation?

The Banco Central has delegated that function to the Banco de Costa Rica. You may ask for this service in the second floor of its headquarters located on Second Avenue. Take into account that exchange of banknotes only applies if a bill is authentic, has both faces and more than 60% of its area.

Does the Banco Central buy antique banknotes or coins?

On behalf of the BCCR, banknotes and coins may be exchanged for the same face value in the Banco de Costa Rica. However, on the last Saturday of each month there is a numismatic fair in the Museums of the Banco Central (under the Plaza de la Cultura), where collectors sell and buy bills or coins.  For further information you may call (506) 2243-4219 or visit the Web site of Museos del Banco Central.

What should I do if I detect a counterfeit banknote?

If you think that a banknote is counterfeit or falsified, you can request the BCCR to verify it. To do so, you should come to the Banco Central offices, on Avenida Central y Primera, Calle 2 y 4, or to any other financial entity in the country. They will send the banknotes following the procedures indicated in our Web site.

May I exchange currencies from other countries in the Banco Central de Costa Rica?

The Banco Central de Costa Rica is not a commercial bank and it only receives national currency.


However, most commercial banks (either public or private) exchange foreign currencies for colones. In addition, you can make use of money exchange offices which are authorized for that purpose.

How does the Banco Central decide whether to emit more money or not

To estimate growth of "monetary emission", statistical models are used for time series evaluations where variables such as the historical behavior of cash in circulation (cash held by persons, in total and by denomination), inflation, output gaps, and time in circulation of each denomination, among others, are considered. Projections of up to three years are made in which, in addition to the estimate of demand through statistical models, the stock under custody and deterioration of cash during the term of the projection are considered. In general, this analysis is made to purchase money, which increases the emission factor in the monetary equation:


Digital certificates


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How can I obtain a digital certificate?

The Banco Central de Costa Rica does not offer the general public digital certificate services.  You can find information about the entities that provide this service by using the link to the Payment System.




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Where may I send my curriculum?

To be considered in the institution’s contracting processes, you must complete the Services Offer form which is in our Web site, and send it to the electronic address which appears on that page.

When can I be considered for employment with the BCCR?

If your profile fulfills the requirements for a position, the Human Resources staff will contact you, to indicate the steps you must follow to participate in the hiring process.



Banco Central de Costa Rica providers


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How may I become a Banco Central de Costa Rica provider?

To become a registered Banco Central de Costa Rica provider, you must fill out the forms on our Web site, and submit them along with the indicated documents to the Procurement Department in the first floor of the Banco Central headquarters, Monday through Friday, from 9:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You may also leave information on the products you offer with our employees in this Department.




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Where can I find information on economic indicators?

The economic indicators published by the Banco Central de Costa Rica can be found using the Economic Indicators link on the main menu.


On the left side of the screen you can see a thematic menu, and on the right side you can see its group.

How can I display the Banco Central de Costa Rica exchange rate in my Web site?

The BCCR has a catalogue of economic indicators such as the exchange rate that can be accessed using Web services. You can find the WebService statement which explains how to access the service you need.

How can I open a checking or savings account in the Banco Central?

The Banco Central de Costa Rica is not a commercial bank, and therefore it does not provide these services. However, you can make investments through the "Central Directo" platform.


You can find detailed information on investment options, terms and yields of Central Directo.




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